Our Produce

Imperial Mandarins

Harvest – April to mid July

We start our harvest in early April with imperial mandarins. We have imperials on rootstock that yield fruit into mid July.

Boyne View Citrus are picking fresh quality imperials well after everyone else is finished which means we have the latest yielding imperials in the whole of Queensland year after year.

Fremont Mandarins

Harvest – Early May

The Fremont Mandarin is considered the best eating mandarin in the world. Fremonts have bright reddish-orange skin and have a deliciously sweet, rich taste. Fremonts are tender and juicy – perfect for lunchboxes. We currently export all of our fremonts – they ship and store well.

Hickson Mandarin

Harvest – Early June to late July

Hickson mandarins are a medium to large-size mandarin and have an orange to slightly reddish colour with a few seeds. They have a high juice content and appealing flavour.

We sell our hicksons in both the domestic and export markets. They ship and store well.

Honey Murcott Mandarin

Harvest – Late July to September

Honey Murcotts are medium to large sized, thin skinned fruit of excellent flavour and high juice content. They are flat in shape and have a tight orange skin. We currently export all of our murcotts – they ship and store well

Nectar Seedless Mandarin 

Harvest June

Nectar mandarins are sweet with good nectar balance and are highly palatable. Easy peel with orange-yellow skin which is slightly pebbled.

Tahitian Limes

Tahitian limes are a small round fruit with a vivid green peel. They have smooth, thin, tightly clinging skin with light greenish-yellow pulp when ripe. Usually seedless.

Eureka Lemons

Eureka lemons grow year round and abundantly.

They have very few seeds.